Natural Health Tips for Women

Women are very particular about their beauty, but health is also a crucial matter of concern as they cannot have complete beauty without good health. For this, most of the women have to depend upon the natural health tips for women as they are easy to follow and the products are abundantly available everywhere. Following are few of the natural products and their benefits on health and beauty for women.

Citrus Fruits: The citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which is considered very good for skin and beauty. Moreover, it is also good to strengthen the immune system of the body and hence stay fit by warding off the diseases. Oranges are the typical example of this category.

Fish Oils: Fish oil and supplements rich in fish oils are used from a long time by women to have healthy skin and beautiful hairs. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, fish oil benefits are also for their health. Flesh of fish is also very good for women health care and skin care.

Carrots: Carrots are rich source of Vitamin A, which again is one of the best natural products one can have from the Mother Nature. Carrots being seasonal vegetable are not available at all times, but the benefits of carotene can also be had from nutritional supplements as well.

Flaxseed: Processed flaxseeds are considered very good natural product for women health, especially for the expecting mothers and the developing foetus, as it strengthens the mind and growth of the foetus. Health supplements rich in flaxseeds are also advised for women as it is not so easily available in the pure form. It helps fight the cancers of various types in children and women as well.

Eggs: Eggs protein is very good and is always advised by dietician to women as skin care tips. Eggs are also considered good for hairs, when applied.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Leafy vegetables and green veggies should never be missed out when we are talking about women health care natural products. These should invariably be included in the diet plan of women to ensure beautiful skin in addition to sound health.

General Health Care Tips

Each of us wants to live a long and happy life. A lot depends on a health state of a person. It is said not in vain that health is the greatest wealth. Not something else but namely good health state makes a person happy. Being healthy means being happy.

Other life goals it is possible to reach, but health is something that you will never pay, it can be managed, controlled, improved if there is such a possibility. Therefore from the very childhood it is so important to watch out the health condition and try not to spoil the health.

Here are some general tips which will allow you to support your well-being:

1. Sleep no less than 7-8 hours. Try to stick to a definite regime. If you suffer from permanent insomnia, take anti-stress medications or visit a health care provider for a consultation.

2. Try to stick to a healthy diet. Eliminate products which do not suit you. Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to eat light food.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol. This can lead to depression, thus influencing your health state.

4. Concentrate on your work or studies. Try to be involved in various activities, as it will make you feel needed in the society. Your self-esteem will grow - and it also contributes to a better well-being.

5. Try to find a kind of hobby which you will like.

6. Spend more time on fresh air. Nature usually calms down and relaxes.

7. If you know you have a certain disease, don't postpone a visit to a physician! Consult with your doctor and finish a prescribed course of treatment.

8. In order to feel healthy it is recommended to go in for sport. Choose a sport activity which suits you.

9. Avoid stresses pessimistic disposition and thoughts, depressive state or something associated with mental disorder. It is known that stress and depression spoil the nervous system.

10. Smile more! Positive thinking is a 50% of successful life and good health state!

Winter Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Skin

Once the weather has turned crisp and people start bundling up from the cold, most skin care regimes go out of the window. Skin takes a beating during the winter months and becomes tight, dry, dull and lacklustre from neglect and adverse weather conditions. Some people even develop skin conditions such as flaking, cracking and eczema. The secret to beautiful skin during the summer months is to keep up skincare regimes all year round and that includes during the frigid winter months.

One skincare routine that most people stop during winter is the religious application of sunscreen. Despite the lack of sunshine, skin can still be damaged during winter by harmful UV rays and glare from snow, causing wrinkles and aging especially in the fine skin around the eyes. Sunscreen should still be applied on a daily basis - use a broad spectrum sunscreen and apply it to all exposed areas, including the hands and face at least half an hour before going outside.

Skin also needs intensive moisturization during winter. Skin loses its natural oils because of the harsh weather conditions and indoor heating which saps the skin of its natural hydration, making it more fragile and prone to damage. The body and face should be moisturized on a daily basis, especially those areas that are covered up by winter woollies, as this will stop the skin from drying out and will maintain the natural oils.

Sometimes the facial moisturizer that worked well in the summer months will need to be changed in the harsher winter months. An oil based moisturizer should be considered as the oil will create a protective layer and will retain more moisture. However, care should be taken in choosing the type of oil because some clog the pores and cause even more skin problems.

Non-clogging oils such as avocado, mineral, sandalwood or primrose should be used and Shea oil should be avoided. Look for products containing humectants - these are substances such as glycerine, sorbitol and alpha-hydroxy acids which draw moisture into the skin and keep it hydrated. Apply a specialized eye area cream nightly to keep the eye contour area looking plumped up and fresh.

Hot showers and baths can also damage the skin by stripping it of its natural acid mantel, which leads to dry skin. Taking cooler baths and shorter showers will help to maintain the skin's natural defences and lipid barriers and will help to prevent that winter crocodile skin. Oatmeal or baking soda in the bath can help relieve itchiness. Indoor heating dries out the air, so a humidifier might be useful in preventing the skin from drying out.

The skin on the hands and feet is also affected by winter cold because the cold and dry weather strips away what little moisture the hands hold. Hands and fingers can become dry, cracked and itchy so gloves should always be worn when outside. Don't use wet gloves or socks as these also cause cracking. Moisturize the hands and feet every night before going to sleep with an intensive moisturizing butter that contains petroleum jelly or glycerine.