Tips on Maintaining Dental Health - Teenagers

Practicing good nutrition and good dental health care are extremely important during your child's teen years. The teen years are challenging years and a proper diet, together with regular brushing and flossing play an important role in maintaining a healthy smile and preserving teeth for years to come.

Cavities and periodontal disease can be a serious threat to teens as well as adults and small children. Surveys have shown that bleeding gums are most prevalent among adolescents and three quarters of 13 year olds have gums that bleed. Here are some helpful tips to maintaining good dental health for teens.

• Thoroughly brush after meals whenever possible and floss daily.

• A proper diet is incredibly important to maintain and preserve good dental care. Avoid unhealthy snacking as well as sticky foods that cling to your teeth.

• Fluoride is important to help inhibit tooth decay, so remember to use a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste daily. Fluoride can also be found in mouth rinses and some foods.

• If your child is wearing custom-made appliances or dental braces, make sure they clean between the teeth and archwires by using floss threaders and orthodontic toothbrushes that are specially designed to make cleaning teeth and braces easier.

• When playing sports, make sure your child is wearing a mouthguard to prevent dental injuries.

• Stress can often affect teenagers, leading to teeth grinding at night. If necessary, provide them with a night guard to prevent damage to the teeth and jaw during the night.

While many teenagers care about their appearance, it sometimes does not extend to their dental care. It is important that they create a dental care routine that fits into their busy schedules and includes flossing. In addition, some teens may want to have an oral piercing. Encourage your teen to discuss this decision with his or her dentist and, if your teen does get a piercing, make sure it is kept clean to prevent infection.

Remember that regular dental care is important for good oral health. Your teenager should not only brush and floss every day, but should visit a dentist at least twice a year. Encourage your teenager to discuss any problems they may have with the dentist. If he or she is experiencing any pain, bleeding from the gums or other problems, don't be afraid to talk to your dentist about it at your next visit. If you are experience severe pain, call your dentist immediately.


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  7. Brushing teeth twice a day or rinse the mouth after intake of any sugary food like cake, chocolate, candy, these kind of habits can helps kids to maintain their oral health.

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